Piff defines used sneakers & streetwear in four main categories listed below.

Used A - Like New

95-90% / 100%  

These items can be expected to be very close to new, or pass as new condition with little to now flaws. 

Used B - Light Use

Lightly worn

85-80% / 100% 

Signs of use may include light sole loss, creasing, minor fabric wear or pilling.

Used C - Moderate Use

Regular Use 

75-65% / 100% 

Signs of use. Possible fading of fabric or print, moderate to heavy pilling, creasing, sole loss.

Used D - Heavy Use

60%< / 100% 

Expect these items to include one or multiple flaws including heavy fading, cracking, creasing fabric pilling, stains, sole loss.

For detailed condition or sizing information on products, please contact us, or email us at contact@piffmpls.com

All used items are listed separately via the product page.